Step 1: Enroll in VRewards

Free order of bread bites just for signing up.

Step 2: Buy Food

Earn 1 point per dollar spent

Sundays are bonus days and they can earn 50% more points.

Step 3: Get Free Food

200 points earns you a free menu item (anything you want).

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Thank you @kenoshaschools for allowing us to teach the process of making a pizza for your classroom. #pizzasnob #kenoshawisconsin #pizzakits #community ...

Jim has been making our dough for over 50 years. I would say it’s in our consistency of our process. Jim would say you need the right water temperature. Thank you Jim for all you do❤️🍕 #pizzasnob #community #goat #kenoshawisconsin #fatherofdough #dough ...

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